Hi, I'm Dmitry Dorogoy

Hello all!
My name is Dmitry. I’m a computer enthusiast. I’m from Russia, Novosibirsk city.
I start my computer related live with DIY computer Orion-128.
Then ZX-Spectrum, etc. :slight_smile:
I used to program assembler, C, C++. Nowadays I prefer .NET and C#.
I worked about 7 years as a Designer. And have an advertising background.
So. My programming + advertising + usability researches led me to DSL.
Feel free to contact me :slight_smile:


Hi Dmitry, nice to have you here!
I am curious to learn how you plan to use DSLs

Are you a member of the famous Russian Academy of Sciences? I was almost sent to visit a team in Novosibirsk. I was given a thick cotton sweater because they knew as a calfornia boy i might get cold. Pretty sure that a cotton sweater would not have done the trick in January in Novosibirsk… ha ha.

Hello! I like Novosibirsk Science academy. I’m graduated from Novosibirsk Technical State University. It’ll be nice to meet you in Novosibirsk.
About weather - it could be very cold. This is a movie about old city (1976 year!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VLu2dyy2C48
Turn on English subtitles.

A cute documentary. Always nice to see a little Carmen. Such a beautiful piece of music. Sometimes musicians do their best stuff trying to some other genre. Tchaikovsky trying to be italian, Bizet trying to be Spanish. Anyway sure seems like a cold place… California, when it isn’t burning to a crisp has magnificent weather.