Hi, I'm Bruno Parrotta

Hello guys.
My name is Bruno Parrotta, I’m a software engineer and
I had the pleasure of working with Federico to engineer a translator based on text-search mechanisms, which was responsible for generating C code from code written in proprietary language, created to produce management software.

The theory of languages and translators has always fascinated me, and for some years now it has been my main occupation.
On this work I built various tools:

  • a C # proprietary language translator
  • intellisense
  • Semantic analyzer
  • search tool
  • tool for the production of the proprietary code documentation

I am happy to be able to share my experiences with a group of experts on this forum.
Good job everyone


Hi Bruno, so nice to see you here!
Thank you for joining us!

I think what you have built is very interesting and I think other members could benefit from your experience as it is applied with success to a set of tools at the core of a company. Industrial experience is always very well appreciated.

And this is also a good excuse to stay in touch :smiley: