Hi, I'm Angelo Hulshout

Hi all,

My name is Angelo Hulshout. I’m an independent software architect since 2008. Before then I worked for Philips Research and ICT Group as software architect and consultant since 1995.
Around 2007 I started working with model driven development and DSLs, initially with tools like what is now called Dezyne and MetaEdit+, later on also with MPS.
I organised the Language Workbench Challenge from 2011-2014 in conjunction with the Code Generation conference, and co-organised the Software Development Automation conference in Amsterdam in 2014.
I always kept an interest in language engineering and MDSD, and hope to apply and advance it also in the coming years.




Hi Angelo, I am very thrilled to see you joining this community!
Thank you for your help promoting it in these days, it has been very useful and helped us getting more visibility.
I did not know you organized the Language Workbench Challenge! I did not attend those editions, but I read about them, dreaming to be able to participate one day. I did, a few years later, playing on the JetBrains MPS team :slight_smile:

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Thank you Federico, happy to be here. The LWC was initated in 2011, after a group of us (including Markus Voelter, Juha Pekka Tolvanen, Steven Kelly, Jos Warmer, Meinte Boersma and Tijs van der Storm) got together in a pub one night during CodeGeneration 2010. We disucssed the idea of comparing DSL tools, language workbenches, and I was brave enough to pick up the gauntlet and organise it the year after - with help of the people mentioned above. We ran it for a few years, and after CodeGeneration ceased to exist, we did SDA, and the guys picked up the LWC two more times in conjunction with another conference.

It was a great way to meet new people, and I’m inclined to do something similar again one day - maybe next year.


What is SDA?
Congrats for organizing the LWC, I never managed to organize any physical event. We wanted at some point to create some local event in Italy but a couple of years have passed and we did not manage yet :slight_smile:

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Who knows, we might try together :wink:

SDA was Software Development Automation. It was basically a one day conference on anything todo with MDSD, DSLs, code generation. We organised it twice in Amsterdam, then it stopped.


I would be more than happy to give it a try!

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Hey Angelo ! nice to meet you again !!

Hi Walter, that’s been a looong time. How are you doing?