Hi, I'm Adi - Kids Coding Teacher

Hello Guys,
Everything I know about programming is thanks to developing computer games that I have been doing since I was a child. I’m a professional programmer since 1998. Never studied programming at university or any other institution.
I am a big believer in teaching children programming through the development of computer games, so I developed the programming language and development environment - SceneMax3D which fills the gap between entry level computational thinking products such as MIT Scratch and general purpose languages. To date I have taught over a thousand children the basics of programming using this technology and I am very proud of the results :smiley:
Currently I’m working for CheckPoint Cyber security company where among other I develop the next generation of our governance specification language. So… I’m using and very much interested in ANTLR
Thanks for maintaining this forum. It’s very interesting.

Adi Barda