Hi, I'm Ábel Hegedüs

Hi Strumenta Community,

thank you for inviting me into your circle. My name is Ábel (you can skip the accent, just use @mention) and I have been part of the modelling world since around 2006, published some papers and did my PhD on model transformations, executable models and various analysis methods.

I have been active in open source for the last 10+ years as a committer on various Eclipse projects (VIATRA, EMF-IncQuery, Diff/Merge) and Massif. I have been a co-lead of the Eclipse VIATRA project for the last few years.

After my PhD, I joined my colleagues from the research group at IncQuery Labs and have been working on various projects for the last 6 years. At the moment I lead the development team of the IncQuery Model Analysis Suite. You may have heard about it from @voelter.

I believe this community is a good place to share ideas, learn from each other and maybe collaborate on advancing our field.


Hi @abel.hegedus , thank you for joining us. We are very curious to learn more about IncQuery and your other contributions to the field