Hi, I‘m Marcus Munzert

I have been working with model-driven software development since 2002. I started at Interactive Objects GmbH (Freiburg, Germany) where I worked with MDA and a product called „ArcStyler“. We modelled with UML (MagicDraw), code generators were written in Jython, a Java implementation of Python. We mainly generated Java code (Java EE).

Then, in 2007, together with Heinz Rohmer, we founded our own company: Generative Software GmbH. Since then we have continuously developed our model-driven software development toolset. The idea was to only use it for ourselves to develop software for customers. We started with UML modeling and then switched to textual modeling, using EMFText (similar to Xtext).

Some years later we turned our tools into a product and gave it a name: Virtual Developer (code generation as a service). We develop code generators with Java and OSGi, using the Virtual Developer API. Whatever can be done with Java can be used in a code generator.

Meanwhile we are on the way to a web-based modeling tool, getting away from textual modeling, towards modeling as a service, which allows non-technical and technical users to collaborate. The modeler will become available this year.

Thank you for initiating and maintaining Strumenta, Federico. I look forward to the discussions that will take place here. Let‘s learn from each other and strengthen the model-driven movement.

@Federico: Is it possible that we met briefly at the „code generation“ conference in 2014?


Hi Marcus, great to have you here!

I would love to hear more about your company. I am personally running a boutique consulting studio specialized in Language Engineering and I hope this community will permit similar businesses to share ideas and best practices and maybe also find ways to collaborate

I would love to hear more about that!

My pleasure! Just to avoid any confusion:

Strumenta is the name of my company. This is the Strumenta Community

I also think we may have met but I did not attended code generation, unfortunately