Hi, I’m Dmitry Ponyatov

Good day, all. I’m an embedded and system programmer from Samara, Russia. Professionally I’m interested in topics about IoT-related technologies, from low-level code to contract Web development.

From the viewpoint of computer language technologies, I’m interested in using generative metaprogramming, and coding automation, for a set of many programming and markdown languages. Also, many times ago I played with FORTH and bytecode interpreters.


Hi Dmitry, welcome to this community!

I am also very interested in MetaProgramming and generating code. One of the features i added to my Beads language was the ability to embed a kind of inline comment that is ignored by the normal compiler, but can then be used to store tags to help generative code go backwards. Usually compilers only allow line comments, and how is the generated code supposed to distinguish itself from regular comments. Anyway its a minor feature, but making things easier to generate code, like making redundant commas permitted, are all little things that can stand in the way of doing generative code.

I also looked into synonyms for indent specific languages, because generating indented code can be problematic since you might not know the indent level you were at.

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