Hi, I am Stanislav

I am Stanislav, from Russia. Long time ago graduated Physical Department of Moscow State University.(MSU). Some time worked in Moscow region, after in Nuclear Research Institute of MSU. In 1989 defended dissertation in Nuclear Research Institute of MSU.
When in 1990 were becoming restucturing in our country I have to work in different areas, which are weakly connected with them to which I was hardly learned in previous ages of my life.
I had to earn money for living, so many times changed working places.
In 2003 obtained diploma on Informational Technology of Academia of State Services of Russian Federation.
Now I am retired.
Despite on all of these all time I am interested in programming, computation, simulation and consequence of these - development of formal languages.
So, I have a many questions, on which I hope to get some level of understanding.
Thanks Federico for inviting to participate in this Community.
Although, I have a little understanding in application of DSL in designing a power tool for checking a new ideas in different sciences.
With best wishes to all members of the Community,


Welcome Stanislav! Pleased to meet you here.

Welcome, Stanislav!

Perhaps you’ll can help us to make our own nuclear reactor at home using a DSL… :wink:

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Welcome in the community Stanislav!