Hi, I am Nuno Ribeiro

My name is Nuno Ribeiro and I’m from Aveiro, PT. My area of work is front-end web and mobile apps these days. Ever since I was a kid and got my first computer I climbed the ladder of programming languages and while I did not pursue academic career in computer science - please do help me get it right if you see I don’t understand something -, I did work a lot with computation for my past life job (3D and visualisation).

I want to learn how languages are done, how do our high level concepts descend into the lowest machine level I can possibly grasp. I wish to understand a bit about optimisation techniques on code execution and in a nut shell, how to create an interpreter and a compiler.

The drive comes from my understanding that the front-end field is exploiting a set of computer languages that are very easy to learn, but at the same time, seem very difficult to be compiled to native without the help of virtual machines (or instruction/step based machinery). Most of these have huge memory and processing power consumptions and in the end, my work in the front-end world becomes riddled with tricks to pretend the software is fast. With the proliferation of things like electron and embedded chromium to deploy native apps made with JavaScript, one needs to re-think why would someone go about doing it? And the answer is simple: engineering with Javascript is simple, therefore people are trying to come up with ways to use it for native apps.

My ultimate goal is not to actually develop a fully featured TypeScript (I believe in Types) interpreter and compiler, but to actually prove we could. Therefore, I wish to learn a lot more about the field and I am in no hurry :slight_smile: .


Ho, and btw, I have come up with a little experiment already: GitHub - nmpribeiro/csts: Typescript runtime in C#

I hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:

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Welcome @nmpribeiro

I’m also from the area of Aveiro, PT :slight_smile:

Hi @hilario.cunha , very nice to meet you!
I am not in Portugal for the time being due to work reasons, but it would be great to know you :slight_smile:

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