Hi, I am Lorenzo

Hi everybody, I’m Lorenzo! I work as a Software Engineer, and I graduated almost one year ago in computer science in Parma. (well, Parma it’s kinda famous for its prosciutto and not for computer science (even though one of my professor worked with Tim Berners-Lee!), but this is another story :joy: )

I like writing code and even though I refer to myself as a “Software Engineer” I think that a developer is more like a role between a scientist and an artist; I agree with the name Uncle Bob describes us: Craftsmans

I wanted to join this community because I’m interested in building a simple programming language (similar to Lox) and join a community with passionate people about these topics and starting to dive into this field, which I think is very interesting.

I’m basically a noob into these things, and I’ll probably be read-only for a long time, and then after some time I may participate in basic discussions.

If you want to keep in contact with me, feel free to text me!


Hi Lorenzo,
I am developer of programming language PPL (github/okogosov/PPL). I hope it will be interested for you and you will find in this project ideas to develop own programming language.

Best regards