Hi everyone, I'm Ian Rumac

Hi everyone!

I’m Ian from Croatia!
So glad to see a community gathered around this topic :slight_smile:

I’m a developer - working mostly mobile but with derails to all kinds of technologies - and have been working for the last --uuuh-- 8 years I think, but been playing with code for nearly 20 years now.

I’ve always been into modeling, generation, templating and finding new languages and approaches. And also, writing poetry, which turns out is quite a great skill to have for programming -
combined with my “too lazy to type a lot” mindset, it’s a winning combo I guess.

At first, it started with a “php-based blog system that lets me change themes for my blog quickly” as a kid.
Then, as I started working professionally, I started generating code.
Then projects blueprints.
Then feature blueprints.
Soon I hope, whole features :slight_smile:

I also got into languages a few years ago, as I got more and more into writing DSL-s in Kotlin for our customers needs - the language is quite amazing for that! Nowadays, I have been writing a parser of my own for a language we’re working on and been trying to make a “multidimensional-tree code generator” to handle the code writing for me one day :grin:

Super glad to be here and can’t wait to learn and share with all of you!