Hey ! I am Walter Almeida

Hey guys !

I am very excited to join this forum, especially having participated top two editions of the Code Generation Conference in Cambridge and knowing a few of you !

I am Walter Almeida, the creator of the low-code platform Generative Objects (www.generativeobjects.com)

I am now open sourcing the GO Platform as I believe we need a fully open source low code tech to empower people to fast create new applications, especially impactful applications. I have been developing this platform, with my team, for the last 12 years and it is now fully mature with many corporate projects built on it. On the path to open-sourcing I let my whole team go, and all my corporate customers go, and I am now 100% dedicated to open sourcing GO and connecting to other like-minded people and open source projects.

I have the intention to create a community around the low-code platform GO and welcome everyone interested, as users, or developers, to join the movement and co-create together ! Please tell me if you are called to it :wink:

I am also wanting to see how I could leverage all the research and work that was done around DSL to further evolve the GO low code platform and grow together amazing tools ! DSLs can be a great addition to low-code platform, as I commented there : Hi, I'm Robert Walter

I am also working with the SOLID community (solid.inrupt.com) in order to provide a low code platform on top of SOLID, I am by the way doing a presentation in SOLID World may : https://www.eventbrite.com/e/solid-world-tickets-101812024506?aff=erelexpmlt

I am fully aligned to the promise of SOLID, and I have the intention to bring my part with low-code technology to further accelerate the creation of the new internet. Here for the vision of SOLID by Tim Berner Lee if you are interested in the topic : https://medium.com/@timberners_lee/one-small-step-for-the-web-87f92217d085

I am also working on the semantic web, and I am now integrating the seamless modeling and generation of applications on top of RDF data source (such as www.dbpedia.org ).

And … I am doing a presentation of GO this Thursday on our weekly meeting !

Looking forward to connecting to you all !


Hi Walter,

Thanks for your intro. Curious about the thought process that led you to give up on GO as a business venture, if I read you well, but I’d understand if you see that as too personal a subject to cover here.

Looking forward to seeing your demo on GenerativeObjects tomorrow!



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Hi Rafael,

Nothing too personal, I am willing to share my full self :slight_smile:

Yes I gave up on GO as a business venture, and focus on bringing GO full open source to the world.

More than a thought process, I am following my path and highest excitement. I realized that I was not fulfilled by working for corporate customers or to manage a company, and that my path was since the start to participate to the open source movement. I just did not do it before because I had the belief that I would not make a living of it, I would lose control on my technology, and other fear-based thought like this one.

I want to bring value to the work I do. I believe that we have reach a mature enough state of technology to empower many people to co-create a new world through open technology that available not only to developers but also non-tech people. So I am dedicated on my side to co-create all the tools and platform that will allow this to happen !

Moreover, the low code “market” was to be taken by companies like mendix or outsystems who have the objective to become the next IBM or Oracle, and make the low code technologies not accessible to every one. We clearly needed a full open source alternative.

And now that I am doing this, put my hands back in the code, not being a company CEO anymore, I am really enjoying myself and progressing fast !

I hope it answers your question. Any doubt or curiosity, just tell me, I will be very happy to share :blush:

I will share soon on blogs and videos about all of this : the intention and the call for people to join the movment.

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