Hey everyone, I'm Carlos

Hey everyone!

I’m Carlos, I’m a Senior Full Stack Web developer in a deep relationship with Ruby (and Rails) and React. I’ve quite recently graduated with a BS in Information Technology. I don’t know if I am the first Brazilian here, but if there are others I leave by “Olá” in here!

I’m recently obsessed with GraphQL and how powerful it can be in the right hands. From my experience, I’ve seen that connecting both ends of a web application is a huge pain for everyone. That can be the reason why we have so many solutions in the community and techniques to provide a rich user experience while not exploding servers or cellphones.

I have just finished reading A Guide to Parsing: Algorithms and Terminology which helped me a lot in my next-to-come endeavor to write a GraphQL parser. This tracks down to my development of the Rails GraphQL as a substitute for the GraphQL Ruby gem. The motivation is to provide better ruby-aligned code and developers-oriented interfaces, reducing the boilerplate and delivering a better quality of life.

Besides that, I’ve been doing a lot of research for my yet-to-come Ph.D. I already have the idea, and it brought me to Federico and this exciting community. A special thanks to him for giving me marvelous recommendations that will certainly help in my project. The topic is related to visual programming, in a way that lives in between the 3GL and 4GL. Not actual code, but also not actual DSLs.

I’m eager to interact and participate in discussions, live sessions, and any other means to both share my experiences and learn from you all.