Hello, I'm Xandor

I’m a self-taught web application developer. I made my first website in 1999, but I’ve never had a formal education in Computer Science. I don’t know much about how compilers, transpilers, interpreters, and type checkers work.

I’m originally from The Netherlands, but at the moment I live and work in South Africa.

At the moment I really want to learn how type checkers work and how I could build my own for type checking JavaScript. I know there are a bunch out there, most prominently TypeScript and Flow, but I feel they’re too limited.

My end goal is to build and release a set of tools and libraries for working with JavaScript in a purely functional way. I do know about projects that let you write in a functional language and transpile to JavaScript, but these are intimidating for a lot of developers.

Any resources for learning more about type systems and checkers would be great. Specifically in the ML/System F/Hindley-Milner/dependent types tradition.

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Hi, welcome to the community!

I happened to stumble upon an article that describes how to use the TypeScript compiler (parser, actually) to implement you’re own JavaScript linter.
Unfortunately, it’s in German, but given your Dutch origin and online translation, you might give it a shot: Von Design bis API: TypeScripts Compiler verstehen und mit ihm arbeiten | heise online

Thanks Niko, I’ll check it out.