Hello, I'm Juha

Hi everybody,

and thanks for inviting me to this community! I’m from Finland, M.S. in computer science (algorithms), and I have 25+ years experience in programming. I have used home-made scripting and bytecode systems in my own projects, and making my own language have since become my passion!

My main project is a scripting and bytecode language, which is multi-platform, stand-alone, compact, expandable, and hopefully practical and easy to use. I’m not so much of an expert of existing tools, but I know something about creating a language from scratch :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to hearing what other people here are doing, and share thoughts on language engineering!

Cheers, Juha Huotari


Hi Juha, welcome to the community!

Is your project available for folks to take a look?



Yes, sure!
Here’s an online editor:
When you run a script, (verbose) debug texts on the right give you some hints how it works internally.
There’s a short reference to the syntax, and some example scripts (“load”).
Some presentation sheets and a video (Meanscript & C++) on the main page:

I’ve written it mostly in C-like code with macros, and then run it thru GCC precompiler to generate C++, Java, and C# code. The online editor is made with GWT that translates Java to Javascript.

All questions and comments are welcome :slight_smile:

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