Hello, I'm Jasim

Hello everyone,

I’m Jasim and I have been building a code generator for UI designs which takes designs from Sketch and Adobe XD, and generates clean, minimal, and editable HTML and CSS. It is at https://protoship.io

I’ve been fascinated by compilers and code generators for a long time. Code generators were sort of my entry to the craft, thanks to a tool called Virtual TBrowse, which took a .dbf flat-file database and generated an editable datagrid in Clipper. The code it produced taught me a lot about the APIs as well as the TBrowse programming model.

After making business apps for close to a decade I became disillusioned by the repetitive nature of the work - the essence of a double-entry book-keeping application for example, is the same irrespective of whether we’re building it in the web with a recent JS front-end framework, or if it was built a few decades ago in DOS and FoxPro. Yet we keep reinventing the wheel every few years and that is at the root of my interest in model-driven development.

I’m looking forward to participating in this community and am excited to meet you all!



Hey this needs more :heartpulse:. Maybe this needs more marketing. I know designers who love sketch and having to work only in sketch and hand over to backend guys is really great!

My wife’s a UX designer using both Sketch and Adobe XD on a daily basis. I’ll let her know about protoship.

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Hi Jasim, protoship seems super interesting, I will share it on social media right away

I agree very much with your considerations on the repetitive nature of much work: I also want to tackle this, by providing better tools. I think what you have built with protoship is a great example!

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Thanks @osdotsystem!

@digital-ember That’s great! There is a learning curve to the tool, so please let me know if she has any questions.

@ftomassetti Thanks for the shout-out. There is a fair amount of work to be done to make it a mainstream tool. I think the case-study might be interesting to the folks in this community. Will write up about it and let you know.