Hello, I am Miguel Cuervo

I am an IT architect with more than 20 years under my belt. During the last 5 years, I have started a small IT shop Nubizzi Innovative IT.

I’ve developed software in quite a number of languages, but especially in C, C++, Perl, and Java. Nowadays my main programming languages are GO and python, but more importantly, considering all the services offered by AWS as libraries of the systems that I developed.

In my previous life in a big IT consulting firm, I developed several rating and billing systems for telcos.

And in this type of system, having a flexible rule engine to determine the pricing, was a significant advantage. As we developed new systems, we tried different DSL and technologies to make possible to change the pricing rules easily and ideally by the business user (even though, this rarely happened). These are some of the technologies we used (the first reference is as old as 2001):

  • Lex and Yacc
  • Internal DSL Javascript embedded in Java
  • Internal DSL Groovy embedded in Java
  • drools embedded in Java

In one of my current projects, we have developed a complex system to create applications rapidly. The problem is that the configuration and dependencies are complex. So I am thinking of creating a DSL that lets me encapsulate the complexity of creating all the configuration files from scratch.

I am studying the different options available to create such DSL, including MPS and Xtext. I am also considering non-graphical options such as Racket.

I thanks Oscar Fernandez ( oscaretu, an old friend from the days of the engineering school, to let me know about this group from where I hope to learn a lot.


Welcome Miguel. Pleased to meet you here.

Miguel, its a pleasure having you here!