Hello from Rein in CH

Hello everyone, here is Rein from Switzerland (actually from Holland but I live and work in Switzerland.) I have some experience in DSL development with ANTLR3 and Groovy and now I am tasked with the development of a query language for a company in CH.


Hi Rein, thank you for joining us!
Can you tell us more about this query language? What is its purpose?

Hello, it will be a query language for a commercial product. It is loosely based on the Kusto language from Microsoft. A simple code editor that runs in the browser is also needed. It is a bit like Splunk, but more structured. Streams will also have to be supported at some point. The tool of choice is ANTLR4, Java and JavaScript for the code editor. I am hoping that the JavaScript lexer can offer the same functionality in browser as you describe in your book :slight_smile: