Hello from Oscar

My name is Oscar Kogosov, I live in Ashdod, Israel.

I am a new member of the community and would like to tell a little about myself.

My work biography consists of three parts. The first and second parts are more than twenty years old, the third - I hope, will last no less.

In the first part, I worked in the former Soviet Union in the development on Assembler language programs for diagnostics of large technical systems, as well as economic programs in the field of design in the PL / 1 and COBOL languages. The economy in the Soviet Union was not very successful, but I can assure you that this is not the fault of my programs. Jumping into the third period, in which I am now and developing the PPL programming language, the name of which reminds me not only of the PL / 1 language, but also everything that was associated with that time.

By the beginning of the second period of my activity, the C language developed by Kernighan & Ritchie confidently took its leading place as the most used in my work. A new life began in Israel, a huge number of a wide variety of technical tasks - transport, diagnostic, development of drivers and applications in the field of aviation. Various operating systems - real-time and Windows, in the latter I had to work the most. During this period, experience in DSL development would be very useful for me, because I had to develop tools for describing actions that had to be carried out in the laboratory when testing equipment, as well as in real projects. This experience was useful to me when developing the PPL language, the absence of which at that time I have to regret.

The end of the second period was marked by the acquired experience with C++. The third period is the formal end of labor activity, I retired. But it was already impossible to stop. I started writing programs in C# for my daughter’s travel company - we invented these tasks ourselves and used them ourselves. Several years passed in this way. But then the epidemic began, tourism suffered greatly, and I had to spend a lot of time at home. And then the opportunity arose to start developing the PPL language. After a year of active work, a working version appeared, in which the penultimate error was eliminated (I hope to eliminate the penultimate one in each subsequent version). The work continues in two directions - in width, as connecting new libraries, and in depth, as adding new features of the language and improving its performance. PPL is currently running on the Windows platform, and is being adapted to work on other platforms.

You can see the PPL Tutorial, examples and programs – GitHub - okogosov/PPL: Parenthesis Programming Language (PPL)

The development process is the discussion of ideas from the project participants. I am the only participant in this project today, I have to argue with myself, redo what has already been done, making the best decision. At such meetings, a lot of coffee and other drinks were drunk with oneself, all changes to the project were daily and in detail documented for history.

I am going to go into detail about the goals of the project and the design of its various parts in the following articles.