Hello from Maria Teresa

Hello, I’m Maria Teresa, I am Italian and I work as a firmware developer in a company specialised in coordinate measuring machines.

The reason why I’m here is simply curiosity.

My experience as software developer started from web and is ending up in real-time and common trait is that we spend a lot of time adapting the implementation to features and limitations of the chosen language, so why not look at things from another point of view? What I mean is that if work is too hard, a possibility to consider is that maybe we’re using the wrong tool.

I’m afraid I won’t be neither a client nor a contributor but joining you’re community can be a good starting point to learn something about your world. I don’t know if I will be able to give you a great contributions someday, I have serious doubts about that, but it is true that sometimes the best results come from the worst expectations. So never say never (I’m not sure this expression exists in English but I’m sure it’s understandable)

I wish you all the best and I’ll stay tuned

Maria Teresa


Hi Maria Teresa, and welcome!

I am Italian myself :slight_smile:

I strongly agree on this point!

Every one contributing started with learning, and in any case good questions are also a very valuable contribution