Hello from David Benn in Australia

Hi all

My name is David Benn. I live in Adelaide, South Australia. I was very pleased to find out about this language engineering community.

I’ve had an interest in programming language translation and programming paradigms after taking a compiler construction subject at the University of Tasmania in 1989 in which we developed a Pascal Minus compiler (generating UCSD p-codes).

From 1991 to 1996 I developed the ACE BASIC compiler for the Amiga in C. This generated 68000 assembly code. A small but wonderful community built up around ACE. One of the most fun things I ever worked on.

From 1998 to 2000 I developed LittleLisp for the Newton PDA (LittleLisp version 1.01). By this time I had cultivated an obvious talent for dead or dying platforms. :slight_smile:

While working for Motorola, I developed a JavaCard Virtual Machine for a development and test environment. The VM was itself written in Java.

Around 2000, as part of my Masters thesis, I developed an interpreter for a language whose purpose was to treat John Sowa’s conceptual graphs as first class values. This used ANTLR with Java.

Around 2004 I developed compiler that used ANTLR with C++ to translate state machine models (from a commercial tool) including transition expressions to LFCS for a semi-formal verification tool.

From 2006 to 2012 I worked on debugger integration and programmer view simulators for a startup.

I wrote an ARM Instruction Set Simulator in Python in 2012.

I have also developed various experimental microcontroller compilers that never saw the light of day, such as a simple Forth called 8th with a threaded interpreter in PIC assembly (2008 to 2011), a state transition oriented language called Transit (2005), a compiler for annotated Java uJava (2009). All generated PIC assembly.

Most recently I’ve developed a DSL for a variable star data analysis and visualisation tool called VStar (e.g. modelling, filtering). See VStar | aavso

I’ve written about ACE, LittleLisp and and other matters here:

ACE BASIC | Strange Quarks

I look forward to contributing to and learning from this community.