Have you submitted to LangDev?

If you did not… you really should consider it :slight_smile:

We need more people to share what they are doing. The venue is very friendly and relaxed.

So my suggestion is: just send your proposal, chances are that what you have to say may be taken for granted by you but it could result very, very interesting for the rest of the audience.

In any case, there is a committee which will revise all proposal, so do not censor yourself and share what you are working on. Let the censoring job to the committee :slight_smile:

We are looking forward to getting more proposals, and quite grateful for the great ones we have already received.

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I really wish I could attend but I’m attending pycon around the same time and I have no way of traveling to…germany is it? I totally would submit my projects otherwise :frowning:

@jos.warmer and I just submitted a talk proposal.


Very happy to read that!