Have a MPS question? Come to MPS Office Hours!

I’m offering “MPS Office Hours” – a weekly free & public Zoom call where you can ask questions about MPS and (hopefully) get them answered. Or you can just listen in to find out what questions other people have. Zoom gives us the possibility to share code on screen, and one picture is sometimes worth a thousand words in a forum post.

Find more information and details on how to join here: MPS Office Hours - Specific Languages


I would recommend everyone to benefit from the amazing experience @sergej has with MPS. This is a great opportunity

Hello, @sergej

When I tried to register in the form I thought I had a problem with the keyboard, because I wrote my name and nothing appeared in the screen. Finally, I realized that there is a problem with the chosen colors:

If I select the text, that appears with reverse colors, I can see what I wrote. Please, check the style sheet to fix that problem.

Thanks for letting me know, I’ll have a look. The problem is that the theme I’m using for my site switches between light/dark mode depending on the time of day, but the form doesn’t. I’ll fix this.

Now I have an explanation… I thought that the browser had gone crazy when I filled in the form, because the next day I found the form with a white background…