Handy color picker webapp

As a tool to help build my various software projects, i wrote a handy color picker that is applicable to a wide range of languages. it offers the 140 HTML named colors, plus a hand picked palette from the famous pixel artist Mark Ferrari which offers 700 of the most useful colors in the RGB cube.

Its a free tool, and when you click on a color you can choose which of 6 representations you want, like a C color like 0xFFAABB, etc., which is pasted on the clipboard so you can paste it into your program. I use it constantly, and i am confident you will find it useful as well.

The virtue of this picker is that it is repeatable; you can get back to the same color again by eye, while the usual color pickers are basically impossible to get the same color twice because they try to show all 16 million which is not necessary given the wide variations in monitors.

to access the picker, go to color chart

I wrote it in beads, the source code is on GitHub, and if there are any suggestions for improvement please let me know.