Gtoolkit -- looks interesting


Found about about gtoolkit recently:

Looks very interesting. Anybody has experience with it ?


I just saw a couple of presentations about it but I never had direct experience with it. Maybe we can ask the author if he could give us a presentation for a virtual meetup

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I am here now. I’d be happy to demo what we mean by moldable development and how we embodied it in Glamorous Toolkit.


Hi Tudor!
We have organized every thursday a “Virtual Meetup”: a one hour presentation typically interrupted by a lot of questions. We have now paused the meetups for the summer but we plan to restart in September. Would you be available to share a presentation with us ont he 10th of September?

Normally we have between 10 and 20 persons participating (a couple of times we get over 30, but those were exceptions).

I would be very interested!

Yes, September 10 would work. At what time will this be?

Also, are these sessions recorded and made public?

Ok, I found that it is at 7PM CET :slight_smile:.

So far we have not recorded the sessions because in this way presenters and participants feel safer to slip in the occasional not-so-public detail.

The meetings have always been ay 7PM CET but I was considering moving them to 6PM or 6:30PM.

Meetings are public in the sense that you can feel free to share the link with more people and we let everyone in.

I’m curious.

What’s the use-cases do you think this tool could best applied for ?
Any tailored support for RDBMS application ?

Thanks for the question. I did not see it before. lists a number of use cases, and one of them is iterative data exploration. You can see some details in the links from this page:

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