Glen Braun Introduction


I’m excited to have found this community and to participate within it. I am a retired software engineer, having worked at Microsoft and Amazon and other, much smaller, companies over a 30+ year career. I would still be open to employment working on interesting problems, but it seems what is interesting to me is not available for pay.

Programming languages is a hobby for me. I’m working on two languages. First, a language for music composition. My idea, as it is now, is essentially ML but with ABC notation for literals, and a music type system where measures, time signatures, scales, etc. are the elements one uses to express types. How this type system might actually work is not yet well thought out. As an example, it would be an error to add a fifth quarter note into a measure in 4/4 time - but a type error, not a runtime error.

Second, and here I ask you not to think I’m too much mentally unsound, I am interested in what might be called computational economics. I also call it qualitative economics, or behavioral economics. That is, I see money as a kind of shared memory, like computer memory, but it can only store a quantity. Thus, our economics is quantitative - accumulation is the only expression of economic value. We now have many, many, terabytes of cheap memory and very powerful machines to work with it, so, it seems we can build a new economics. Given how our current economics influences us to value infinite growth, but on a finite planet, maybe thinking of a new economics is worth doing.

I’ll make some other posts on specific areas where I’m currently struggling to achieve my goals and thank you again for welcoming me into this community.
Glen Braun, Seattle, USA

Welcome, Glen.

Can you give us additional information about the language for musical compostion? It there a public repository?

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Thanks for the welcome, Oscar. I only have my personal GitHub where I do plan to post some of the learning exercises I do while working on this project. For example, I’ve just started learning
ANTLR (I’m pretty familiar with lex/yacc, but ANTLR is new for me), and as a first project I’m planning to build a lexer/parser for Abc Music Notation, I plan to post what I come up with to my personal GitHub. Glen

Hello, Glen

Perhaps this can be of your interest: The ANTLR Mega Tutorial

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