Event hint: LangDev Meetup

Hi Community,
I hope to find you well!

As you know, we will be back with a new season of the Virtual Meetup in September! If you are thinking of proposing a talk or suggesting a topic, it is time to come forward as we are planning the calendar for the next season. So just let me know by replying to this message or drop me an email: elisa.costantini@strumenta.com

In the meantime, we are happy to share an event that we appreciate! After a few years of stopping for the Covid-19 situation, the LangDev Meetup will be back on 26-28 September 2022.

You can find all the information regarding the Meetup and the Call for papers at the following link: http://langdevcon.org/



I just saw that the program was up for the conference.
Does anyone know (@ftomassetti maybe) if this will be a non-recorded presentation-only conference?

It seems to be a good way to catch-up most of the talks I missed here during the weekly Strumenta Community presentation (which I can’t make unfortunately) and I probably won’t be able to join in Aachen either :expressionless:

As far as I know the presentations will not be recorded. However we plan to invite most of the presenters to give their presentations also to the Virtual Meetup and we are going to record them from this here