Error when trying to use Kanvas

Hi all

I’m experimenting with Kanvas.

The following Kotlin (from the article linked above):

object langSupport : BaseLanguageSupport() {

yields a type argument error:

I’ve cloned from GitHub and built what I think are the relevant libraries (note the versions):

  • kanvas-core-0.2.4.jar
  • kolasu-core-1.3.11.jar
  • rsyntaxtextarea-3.1.3.jar

Advice welcome. Thanks.

EDIT: I resolved that error, possibly incorrectly, by using the type parameter Node:

object langSupport : BaseLanguageSupport<Node>() {

The next error is:

Object ‘langSupport’ is not abstract and does not implement abstract base class member public abstract val parser: Parser defined in me.tomassetti.kanvas.BaseLanguageSupport

Note that with the following in Java:

class MyLanguageSupport extends BaseLanguageSupport<Node> {	

I see a slightly different Parser related error:

The type com.strumenta.kolasu.parsing.Parser cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from required .class files

Am I simply missing a jar file or import? I built the .jar files above via Gradle.

A minimal complete example including imports and dependencies would be useful here.

Apologies for what feels like a newbie error. I am only just beginning to work with Kotlin and gradle, and tend to work with Java and Ant mostly.