Domain specific languages and more

I have always confused about what “Domain Specific Language” actually is? What it aims to do? What is the marketplace and value for it? Does it have a scope in freelancing? What is Cobol, ANTLR, parsing, transpiling, etc? How to find clients in freelancing with this field? What is the pathway from beginner to advanced? And how much time it takes to become highly proficient at it?

If someone can help me clear it up, it would be genuinely be highly appreciated :crossed_fingers:!


Not sure if it is an answer to all your questions and doubts, but I refer to the DSL in my article titled External Streaming Data - Bitstream Format. Check it out for free to learn my point and return your opinion here. There is also my publication with a definition proposal on this discussion forum but now I cannot remember where. There is also a discussion you can be interested: What the programming language alphabet means. - consider contributing to it.