Crop modeler / computer scientist/ GIS/Agricultural meteorologist

Hi, I’m crop modelling language developer. I work on my thesis project that consists of designing and implementing a language for crop model component representation and reuse between various simulation platforms. My paper on this language will shortly be available.


I am looking forward to the paper. Can you help me understand what crop modelling is?

Crop modelling is the use of a set of equations with control structures to represent the biophysical processes involved in the crop growth and development.


I can recommend you study the FORESEE forestry management system. It is a very elaborate VB6 based tool that goes all the way to presenting 3D models of the canopies of trees. A highly accurate system that took decades to tune the parameters so that the model matches reality. Even though it is not focused on crops, the people running the model know their stuff! They developed a system of clearcutting 2 out of 100 rectangles of the land each year, which keeps the fuel load down, and allows for more biodiversity. Too bad California ignores the accurate forestry models, because as we just saw, wildfires can be devastating for both the trees and wildlife, and leaving forests alone although appealing to the naive person, is actually a very bad strategy.

Modeling physical reality demands that you gradually tune parameters and have accurate input data. And don’t get me started on the shoddy practices of the climate modelers!

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