Crafting Powerful DSLs - Your New Video Course!

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Exciting times are just around the corner at Strumenta!

As you know, at Strumenta, we always want to empower developers with professional knowledge and skills, reliable because of our extensive professional experience.

We’re thrilled to introduce our upcoming course, “Crafting Powerful DSL”, which promises to revolutionize how you design domain-specific languages (DSLs).

If you’ve ever wondered how to create a truly powerful DSL to benefit your organization, this course is your golden ticket.

In “Crafting Powerful DSLs”, we provide you with a step-by-step roadmap to unlock the full potential of DSLs.

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​In our pre-launch phase, we’re giving you an exclusive opportunity to get the course at a discounted price of $629 instead of $970!

At the end of the pre-launch phase, you will have full access, and here’s a glimpse of what you can expect:

​🔹 Early Access: Get a sneak peek at select course content, available to pre-launch participants before anyone else.

:small_blue_diamond: 1-to-1 Consulting: You might need specific support to understand your situation; in this case, we offer, included in the pre-launch offer, one hour of 1-to-1 Consulting to support you in navigating your situation and understanding your next move.

:small_blue_diamond: Community Access: Connect with like-minded developers in our dedicated community forums.

​After the pre-launch, we’ll release course modules every two weeks, ensuring you have ample time to absorb the material and apply your newfound knowledge.

The video course will be released once the minimum number of participants is reached. In case the minimum number of participants is not reached, the full amount will be automatically refunded.

​The course is divided into 3 sections:

1 - Understanding DSLs

  • What are DSLs?
  • Why DSLs?
  • Guide to understanding whether you should create a DSL

2 - How to design DSLs

  • An iterative process to design and improve a DSL
  • DSL Assessment

3 - Implement DSL with the right technology

  • How to choose between technologies
  • Tutorial for creating a textual language
  • Tutorial for creating a graphical language
  • Tutorial for creating a projectional language

And a Bonus section with examples and interviews.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to bring your processes to the next level!

Pre-order today and be part of a select group of developers who will redefine the landscape of DSL design.

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