Common synonyms/meanings for more than one word

This was a small experiment I had done relatively long back and sharing the results. Not sure how can it be useful in DSL context. May be during design? Or for suggestion to user in the DSL based IDE?

The idea originated during e-mail composition when I wanted to express something more than what typically is expressed in usual vocabulary in the given context. So thought of finding a common synonyms list for what I wanted to say and what is generally said, then select the best one, which satisfies both, if possible.

Wrote a bash script by taking a word and keeping the synonyms in a queue (appending to master synonyms file for the word). Like in BFS(tree) algorithm, take next element, generate synonyms, insert at the end of queue. As the distance increases, relevancy may come down.

During the testing, I had taken even 2 words which are antonyms and found a harmony !!

motility, immotility : fermentation
true, false : creation

The following one was not my find but a colleague has asked to find when showed the script:
ink, vomit: pen

There are times I did not get any common word. So they are orthogonal. In DSL domain language may be we can to some extent figure out these kind of relations or in the proposed language, can … ?? Not getting proper words on what to write. Wait, let me try my script :slight_smile:

Hopefully my .02 cc (taken from my deposit in future crypto currency (which satisfies C in ACID)) for DSL design discussions.

As always, please feel free to correct me for any inconsistencies.

Edit: append:
Used Princeton university’s mysql database transformed english dictionary.

May be a subset words and grammar of english with very few new additions if required, can itself be used as a DSL for many domains? For that matter any language with some of these tests predefined and identifying needed qualities?

The reason is, when I find these minute discoveries matching with known (even for creation - there is already a nasadeeya sukta in Indian philosophy. I guess similar ones should be there in philosophies originated at different places as well) embedded in the language, may be yet unknown might have been handled and more than that it is human spoken language and potential for more long lasting success if we can get a proper DSL out of it is more.

Was there any research in this direction?