Come forward and present at the next Virtual Meetups!

We need more volunteers to present at the next virtual meetups.
The tone is very informal, we do not record the meetings, and the community is supportive.
So, there is no reason to be shy and not coming forward :slight_smile:

You can present:

  • a project you are working on
  • a tool you learned
  • propose a topic for a discussion
  • present a paper you are working on
  • share your thesis
  • or anything else related to language engineering

You can feel free to post here or write at

I’ve posted about the project I’m involved in already in my introduction thread, but I would very much like to talk about it in one of the upcoming meetups.

We are a startup builing software for digital mental health based on JetBrains MPS. Early on in the development, we realized that requirements would be very long and working with the process of software engineering I knew from my past career would fail to deliver a meaningful product anytime soon. That’s what brought me into the DSL/modeling world and it has really expanded my horizon and changed my view on software engineering.

This community is indeed very supportive, and I’m glad to be a part. I’ve been lurking mostly, now could be the time to share what I’ve been working on.

So I’m propsing my talk: “Building a startup on MPS”

Here are the topics I could cover:

  • Software development in startups - my previous experiences
  • Accelerating development with a domain specific language
  • Our tools and how they interact: MPS, Kotlin, Spring Boot, TypeScript, React Native, GitLab CI
  • Our domain model for a mental health app
  • Lessons learned as a first time MPS user
  • Migrating a diagnostic questionnaire from SQL
  • Future Plans

Would that be valuable as a topic for the virtual meetup? I could be there on Oct 22nd to present, for example.


I would really love to hear this presentation because I am interested in mental health, in digital therapeutics, in MPS, and in business, so this sounds awesome.
The first open slot is on the 5th of November, would that work for you?

This would be extremely valuable and I suspect it would be best to have more than one meeting to discuss it. But let’s start with organizing the first one :slight_smile:

Alright, 5th of November works for me. I could also split the talk for two meetings, maybe one about the domain and buisness side, and another one to talk about the tech stack.

Yes, I think it would be a good idea to have a first meeting to discuss domain and business side on the 5th of November, then we can schedule the technical one shortly after that. I am looking forward to your presentation!