"Building advanced parsers using Kolasu": new article online!

Hi Community,

A new article is online on our blog: “Building advanced parsers using Kolasu”.

In this article, we share with you what we have learned from building tens of commercial parsers for clients all over the world, from startups, to Fortune 500 companies, supporting different use-cases: editors, interpreters, transpilers, and other supporting tools.

This approach is based on ANTLR, but there is more to it. We rely indeed on an open-source library we created, named Kolasu.
Follow the link to read more: Building advanced parsers using Kolasu - Strumenta



Thanks for the detailed article. Here are a couple syntax diagrams, to go with the .g4 files from the repo.

Don’t know why the second was converted from PNG to JPG. And it seems you need to open them in a new tab to expand and see them. I can send the originals another way if they’d be useful.