Average "Learning Fund" provided by employers in Europe

I’m doing some market research.

In America, the average programmer has a self development fund to learn new tools and get training of $2k/year.

How much is the average in Europe?

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I think that in Europe is less common to have a self development fund. It seems surprising to me that the typical US company (I guess in this case America means USA) is offering it. I can understand that names like Google or Facebook are doing it, but I was not expecting it to be widespread among medium and small companies.

From my (limited) experience, it is more common for employees having to ask their boss to buy even a simple book, and I guess many would just buy books with their own money


Interesting. So if they needed to learn a new tool or technique the employer would directly pay for the training if it was deemed necessary for the company?

Let’s say they needed to learn Hadoop or MPS?

From my experience one could ask their manager if the training makes sense and if it is the case would be the manager paying with their business credit card. Most employees would not have a business credit card. By the way, I also worked for TripAdvisor and Groupon (American companies, but I was working from their Dublin offices) and me and my colleagues did not have a budget for self development. I remember at TripAdvisor we had a book club and the company was buying every month the same book for everyone interested. In a startup in which I am involved I also suggested giving a self-development fund (limited, intended for books not for in-person training, which is way more expensive). I saw some resistance from my business partners but it also sounded a bit alien to the employees. I think most of them do not even expect the company to buy books, they expect to do that with their own money. Which is wrong, in my opinion



Totally strange.

I’ll have some more research to do.

Off the top of my head, an order of magnitude less in France.

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I think in Germany an employee has some legal “right” for training of a few days per year. However, this is handled very differently in companies, and can be interpreted vaguely.

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Interesting, thanks everyone! Keep them coming in!

Right, I think also in Italy there is such right and in particular for apprenticeship contracts the number of days that should be dedicated to training is high

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