Arkeos Factory - Low code

Invoice Sample

Request (Model & View declaration) STEP 1of 3

Bussines Rule (Controller) STEP 2 of 3

Choose of code generator STEP 3 of 3


Embedded Unit Test - Full operational crud (Using micro front and micro container)

Grid Form

Free Form - Master

Grid Details

Free Form Details

Look at column “Total” will be calculated by bussines rule: (Line 16 in Conditions)

TotalStkMovs = QuantityStkMovs * UnitPriceStkMovs

Server API$top=10&$count=true&$expand=CntCiudades

Note: for test please, try twice recall. This is why controller load at fly using Micro-Containers

FullOData Api - deployed at fly

Good Luck

By Adalberto Raul Rua Aguirre
mobile: (57)316-3591801
Bogota - Colombia

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Hi Adalberto, this is intriguing… do you have anything more comprehensive (in English) about Arkeos?

Hi, Rafael

Arkeos Factory is a Web tool designed for rapid (functional) prototyping of applications (low-code)

The construction of applications and/or modules is done in an automated way in only 3 steps using the paradigm of the examples. From the request to solution or functional prototype is inferred.

The code generator is based on templates, for generate any language and/or framework, any architecture.

this schema is similar at used by arkeos (changed JSON Syntax tree by XML Syntax Tree)

Note: Image taked from kevinjmackey

do you like a live demo ?
mobile: (57)316-359-1801.

Thanks, Adalberto!! I missed having a bit of an overview, which you just provided, thanks for that. I was glad to see a fellow model-driven tool builder from South America - there are not many of us!

HI, Rafel

I am actively looking for work. my transpylator venture failed. on this side of the world they don’t think that’s possible, note: only speak Spanish,