ANTLR 4.8 was released!

I found out this morning because I client asked me if I could offer an ANTLR 4.8 certification.
So I checked and there it was!
Time to take a look and see what is new.
Did anyone got a chance to take a look?


If anyone is interested to know more about this new version, here you can find an interesting article that explains what’s new:


I have used ANTLR 4.8 with the C++ target to create a complete package
using Visual Studio 2017.

The package contains ANTLR 4.8, C++ target code, C11.g4, VS 2017 project and a C test file. It
builds a static “.exe” parser. You can replace the C11.g4 with your own grammar and build a parser
for your language.

The problem I have with this is: (1) compiling the whole C++ target takes a long time, (2) the parsing time is very slow, (3) the C11parser.exe is very large. Does anyone know how fast the Java target is compared to the C++ target. The 227,000-line test file that I used required 15.1 seconds to parse.

An LR(k) parser generator that I use, LRstar 11, parses this file in 0.095 seconds and its size is 1/10th of the ANTLR parser.


@anon67755252 Others seem to have noticed similar issues: