Anne Ogborn Introduction

I’m Anne Ogborn.

I’m an evangelist for and fan of SWI-Prolog, and work as a Prolog programmer for DataChemist in Utrecht.

I’ve been noodling and making cryptic napkin notes on ideas for distributed declarative languages for a while. Somehow not there yet.

Been fiddling with Constraint Handling Rules, and just wrote a tutorial about them in the real world prolog tutorials.

At my previous employer I built a simulation language SimGen
I have most of a bachelors degree in physics and CS, but little formal training in discrete math, so forgive me for often being lost.


Hey Annie,

Glad to see you’re interested!

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Hello Anne and welcome! So nice to hear Prolog mentioned. My dissertation for my bachelor’s degree was about a “didactic” Prolog interpreter that I wrote in Java :slight_smile: Although I’ve never used it after, it still has a sweet spot in my heart.