Amazon Honeycode

New #lowcode platform for non developers:

It looks quite similar in capabilites to Microsoft PowerApps.


I was about to ask opinions about HoneyComb here. Haven’t seen it yet, but low-code/no-code is something that is missing in most cloud platforms so far - unless we want to start over once we leave the desktop and the server.
Have to look into PowerApps for the comparison, does that run on Azure, Pedro?

Indeed! PowerApps has good integrations with (surprise, surprise) Azure services.

That is the value of Lowcode/NoCode for Cloud Vendors:

  1. bring non technical users to the cloud,
  2. make it easy for them to stay and
  3. increase the number of service the can potentially consume to increase the bill.

Classic market expand, retain and monetize.

All of them will follow.

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I think I can add a few more. A lot of cloud developers use ‘infrastructure as code’ solutions like CloudFront, Terraform,, but it’s still cumbersome, errorprone and time consuming to set up an proper environment - a real lowcode/nodecode in that area would do a lot as well.

One thing is for sure, I’m working on something that would benefit a lot from honeyComb as well as what I wrote above, so let’s hope it arrives quickly.

A few more suggestions from the big five

(as you can see all of them are getting into low-code tools targeting their own services so that,as Pedro said already, they can get more users into their own ecosystems)

This looks like one of the first low code apps I’ll consider using.