Adding Tags to Posts

@ftomassetti, I was wondering if it’s possible to allow users to tag threads and even single posts (not only their creators, but anyone).

Due to the wide spectrum of topics discussed here, and in view of a rapid growth in contents, it would be helpful to be able to pin-point specific posts with tags, so that they might be used to filter articles by topics and narrow down results when sifting through the forum in search of specific keywords.

For example, tags could be used to cover research topics (like DSLs,parser-genrators, natural-language, etc.), specific tools (ANTLR, Yacc, GOLD Parser, etc.) and other useful keywords which users can then cumulatively select as filters to narrow-down search results, or the threads shown in each category or the whole forum.

So it would be nice if each user could not only add existing tags to any post, but also create new tags as the need arises. IMO, tags always bring benefits when it comes to finding contents, and since they are cheap I don’t really see a problem in using loads of tags — I’m also confident that users of this forum are accustomed to using similar features in a smart way (tags here being like labels on GitHub) and that they’ll be creating meaningful tags that will meet the general needs of this community.

I’m not sure which CMS is being used for this form (although I’ve seen it also used on GitHub Support Community), and whether it supports tags natively or via third party extensions, but it’s definitely worth looking into it.


It is discourse.

I agree and I have just enabled tags :slight_smile:

You can now edit existing posts and adding tags or use tags in new posts.


It looks like there’s a time limit to edit old posts. I wonder why they coupled tags with editing functionality, instead of putting tags in the same category of public actions (like reply, link, upvote, etc.), that would have allowed more freedom.

Of course, it makes sense to prevent editing very old posts, especially if a whole thread was built around them (and that’s the default setting in most forum CMSs).

I think I now removed it. I am not 100% sure as there are a ton of options

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I can confirm, it works now!