A new Brand Identity for the community

Dear Community,

almost one year ago, when we created Strumenta Community, we could not expect this success and participation.

We create a place where is possible to share ideas, suggestions and get feedback for projects. A place where is possible to ask questions, ask for advice. We create a place for connection and for sharing interests. We create the community because we believe it would be useful to have a platform where we can talk to each other.

We created all of this together and we have grown thanks to the contribution of all of you. So let me say a big THANK YOU to:

This incredible growth and participation push us to create a new brand identity for the Community, which aims to highlight its purpose.

As you can see the logo on your top left side is changed and also the website to access the community, https://strumenta.community/

This new brand identity visually recalls inclusivity, knowledge exchange, and collaboration.

As you can imagine I did not come up with that: someone smarter than me did :smiley:

We don’t want to change the essence of the community, we want to use these words to describe the community—a genuine place to exchange knowledge, experiences, for those who are genuinely interested in Language Engineering.

We sincerely hope you would like and appreciate the rebranding but more we hope you keep contributing to the growth of such a great environment.



…and I should thank @elisa.costantini who is now working on getting things organized, planning meetups well ahead. She also led the rebranding. I just show up when it is time to take the credit :smiley:


Federico, none of this would exist if it weren’t for you setting it in motion. Thank you for believing that it was possible to achieve it, and for your efforts to make it real. Today all of us can enjoy this community because, from Markus’ idea, we need someone who is dedicated to executing the steps that materialize it.

Thank you very much for your generosity,


@ftomassetti I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for your articles, videos and books, so thanks!

I just got an anniversary badge meaning am lurking for a year :exploding_head:already.

This is one of the best communities I’ve been part of - focused, civil, welcoming and very much oriented toward knowledge sharing.

To many more years of this or better!


@drazen.dotlic thank you very much for being part of this community and for your kind words. I am happy to read that so far we manage to build a community with the right atmosphere. We will work on keeping it this way