A course on domain-specific languages

Hi all,

I want to share a link to the course on domain-specific languages that I have prepared and have been teaching at Turku Centre for Computer Science in Finland:

Here is an overview of what is covered in the course:

  • zoo of domain-specific languages (DSL)
  • fluent interfaces vs. external DSLs
  • introduction to language workbenches
  • design of DSLs
  • tutorial on language workbench Eclipse Xtext (grammar, validation, quickfixes, type checking, scoping, code generation)
  • projectional editing
  • tutorial on language workbench JetBrains MPS

The course is mainly based on M. Fowler’s book on DSLs, M. Voelter’s book of DSL Engineering, L. Bettini’s book on Xtext/Xtend and F. Campagne’s book on MPS.



Wow, you have put together an impressive amount of great material!
I hope it is getting the amount of attention it clearly deserve.

Have you considered creating a video-course on it?
Are there other universities using it, beside the ones where you taught it?

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