13th RacketCon 28/29 Oct online tickets

Come join us at the

(thirteenth RacketCon)

October 28-29, 2023

Northwestern University



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October 28-29

  • Douglas Crockford: From Here To Lambda And Back Again
  • Sage Gerard: Introducing Rackith
  • Chenhao Zhang: #lang Karp: Formulating and Random Testing NP Reductions
  • Lukas Lazarek: Mutate: Inject Bugs into Your Programs!
  • Adam Perlin: Incrementally Developing Support for Racket->Wasm Compilation
  • Jeremy Siek: Teaching and Learning Compilers Incrementally
  • Anurag Mendhekar and Daniel P. Friedman: Malt: A Deep Learning Framework for Racket
  • David Storrs: Data Integrity via Smart Structs
  • Sam Phillips: keyring: Uniformly Access Secrets
  • Siddhartha Kasivajhula: Redeeming Open Source with Attribution Based Economics
  • Micah Cantor: Crafting Interpreters in Typed Racket
  • Robby Findler: Esterel in Racket
  • Matthew Flatt: Rhombus: Status Update
  • Sam Tobin-Hochstadt: The State of Racket
  • Racket Management: Racket Town Hall


Sponsored by Northwestern Computer Science (https://www.cs.northwestern.edu/)