Hi, I'm Ilja - many thanks for the invitation

Hi guys,

my name is Ilja Leyberman. I am head of research and development at BROCKHAUS AG, an IT Consulting company from Dortmund. Since about 1 year we are working together with our students from the TU Dortmund University on a project called openVALIDATION. The goal of this project is to develop a programming language for non-programmers. It is about building a compiler that translates the natural language into arbitrary program code. With this we want to democratize software development by enabling people with ideas but without programming skills to build software.

I myself have been developing software in C,C#,Java, JavaScript, Typescript for over 25 years, mainly in the enterprise environment. I have approached the topic of language design from the other side over the years. I started writing code generators very early. Ready in 2000 I wrote a generative OR Mapper, which automatically generated a Data Access Layer from a DB schema. I also developed many UI form and layout generators. At that time in pure JS, Query, later in Knockout , and recently more often in Angular and Vue. I have already written some parsers (RegEx, code) of my own and first got in touch with the ANTL about 3 years ago. Furthermore, we currently have several research projects in which we also use Machine Learning / NLP using TensorFlow and especially spaCy.

As you can see, I am mainly interested in the area of Natural Language Processing, regardless of whether it is done using classical parsing mechanisms or machine learning methods. ANTL, code generation, compiler building and last but not least exception handling in this context are the main topics I am interested in.

I am looking forward to exciting discussions