Hi, I am GNVS Sudhakar from Bangalore

I have done masters in computer applications and been working as systems developer for the last 2 decades.

I am glad to have come across Federico & this community. Thankful for the invite.

Language engineering is not my profession. It is kind of hobby for me to categorize but realized based on my experience, it is indeed the answer for many or perhaps all of the kind of technical questions for which I had struggled some times day and night sleepless as I was able to trace many of the fundamental issues to … sorry for being too personal, but let me share a tiny link redirecting to a google drive stored document, the contents of which are not definitely yet in a polished form, with some vague talk (feel free to ask for clarifications; may take some time to respond), apparently not broad minded, but sharing it here as I see many of the members are scientifically inclined and can take the positive and utile side of it:


I am not into formal research and I will be glad to learn and accept educating me on technical or approach wise betterments or edits or even otherwise.

By mentioning being scientific, I have a little suggestion, which may be naive for many here, for the format of discussions based on an experiment done. Sharing as a way of introduction about my thinking than any change expected:


Btw, in this varying situation of helpless and concerning times, I hope everyone get chance to find pleasure and peace in research and building stuff.

Hoping to share and learn.


“…the only difference between screwing around and science is writing it down” - Mythbusters’ Jason

Edit: Adding following line:
As can be noted from the contents of the document (1st link), the ideas are at a very (very) preliminary stage.


Thanks Rafael for the feedback. I did not think about networking. Also not all goals like a human interaction are not felt better when compared but works out in some settings. The gist of the experiment is to highlight the role of being unbiased at a deeper level than usual for difference making progress and it need not take the form proposed but, I guess, can be done / adopted to in a totally different way or probably be evolved to a degree which satisfies all needs.

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